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On December 8th, 2019 I went back to work in the plumbing industry. I had been out of the industry since 2009.

I also took serious getting healthy. I stopped eating whatever sounded good. The cakes, the soft drinks, the sweets all had to go away. I focused on consistently using NRF1 and NRF2 along with a new product they call NAD. It has been just about one year since being introduced to the NRF2 phenomenon. I feel better, have more energy and the pesky psoriasis that plagued me for nearly 50 years is gone. I have come to appreciate doing the right thing for this body. Of course, I quit smoking years ago, do not drink alcohol and will occasionally (very rarely) sip a glass of wine.

I am so absolute on “Biohacking” and restoring cellular activity in this body, getting healthier is a natural occurrence….At 60 years of age I am living life, amazed!

I am looking to increase my customers….YOU too, can get your health together (I have a recommendation, a place to start (253) 448-4777)