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I am a cancer survivor. In 2011 I was facing stage 4 Squamous Cell Carcinoma within my throat. As soon as word got out that, “Jeff Morton has cancer” my phone rang “off the wall” (Is your phone attached to the wall?) My emails went berserk with every sort of concern for me one can imagine. Interestingly, a host of friends and family along with several strangers began to send remedies, offer advice and share with me information that was beyond foreign. For example, I had a friend who lives in India recommend a certain type of tree bark tea? Well, images of grinding up tree bark still haunt me!

Moreover, concerning health issue, my wife has suffered with chronic pain which seemed to be getting worse as the years advanced. We realized that this was occurring not because of her employment for the most part but, something was wrong with in her body. We are still hoping for a proper diagnosis at the time of this writing. Nevertheless, we found a supplement that has benefitted her with a reduction in pain of about 80%. It was the NRF1 & NRF2 synergized supplements offered by Life Vantage. The door is now opened to the world of herbal supplements! Yes, I am an associate distributor for Life Vantage however, I am not here to promote my business. Rather, I am here to share why I am in this business in the first place. Equally important to me is sharing information that helps others.

Probably the most positive aspect in all of this besides my being cancer free today, is what I begun to learn about how our bodies work. More recently or within the last year of my life the CBD oils, Essential oils and plant life in general took on an entirely different meaning. I have been realizing that what grows out of the dirt is designed to benefit our health and wellness beyond food. The entire body, it would seem responds to certain plants as if by design. I remember reviewing a website, God’s Garden whereby various fruit and vegetables resembled our body parts. Surprisingly, the fruit and vegetables have been proven to help the body parts that they resemble, who knew?

What I hope my new website accomplishes is simple. I hope to expose people who otherwise do not readily investigate the technology now developed concerning Nutraceuticals, Nutrigenomics and a host of products, ideas and considerations about what is already in the earth designed for all of us to live healthier and informed.

I marvel at what has occurred in the last year of my life. I hope to encourage others to participate in what this website is all about!


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