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Instead of reaching for an aspirin or a drug for your ailments, how about reaching for a patented “renewable energy” that is therapeutic and never runs out of power to bring your body back into balance the way nature intended?  And there are NO negative side effects!

Did you know that if you raise the vibrations of your body, germs and disease cannot exist, because low and high vibrations cannot co-exist?  It’s like a light switch, it’s either on or off, you can’t have both.  The same is true for the way your body responds to health challenges. If your body is vibrating at low frequency, then it’s prone to disease and negativity that vibrate at low frequencies.

Scientific studies done at UCLA prove that when our vibrations are raised, our intelligence, consciousness, happiness, and levels of health may be raised as well.  As the saying goes, “As a man thinks, so is he.” Even thoughts have a frequency and can affect our well-being.

The study done at UCLA revealed that essential oils, gemstones, and liquid quartz crystals help raise the vibration of our bodies and assist the bodies natural ability to regenerate with infrared bio available 1.1 frequency or Piezo energy found in nature that grounds and boosts our life force energy.

Our bodies are miraculous machines that know how to run perfectly in a clean environment.  Unfortunately, we are surrounded with various forms of pollution such as Wi-Fi, cell phone radiation, water pollution and GMO foods that alter our cells.  Our bodies are simply lacking the life fuel (Piezo electric energy) they need to operate at full capacity. That is, until VibesUp came along with a simple solution that can keep us grounded 24/7 with earth’s energy known as the Golden Measurement or PHI.  It’s just like plugging in both sides of a battery when you add VibesUp products to your body.  Everything in nature brings the (+) male and (-) female polarities together in a specific ratio known as Piezo electric that produces a life-giving force that balances and assists the bodies own intelligence in regeneration of cells.

When pressure is applied to liquid quartz crystals they give off over 1 million rays of infrared energy per second.  The patented special “squishy material” used in VibesUp products gives the crushed crystals and gemstones inside a constant hug helping them work like tiny little infrared batteries that never run out of good energy and deliver the 1.1 frequency infrared deep inside the body where it’s needed.  You can feel the VibesUp product heat up as it begins to work on your body.

This special “Piezo energy” is Bio available which means our bodies can easily absorb and utilize it like super fuel to recharge our depleted cells so that they can regenerate naturally, the way God intended them to.

For more details on the scientific research of VibesUp, please go to and watch the video by Kaitlyn Keyt, the founder of VibesUp, explain in detail the formula she was inspired to create to help mankind heal with natures’ ingredients.

There are over 70 products on the VibesUp website to meet all your needs for health and well-being.  Kaitlyn always has specials on her products so check back often for 3 for the price of 1 specials she posts.

Keep your VibesUp, just because it feels so good.

Valerie Jolie
VibesUp Associate