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(This post is from Valerie Jolie)

Just in case you’d like to delve more into the importance of the pineal gland, your major organ connection to the divine, here’s a great website sent to me by SomaEnergetics that puts everything into perspective on how important it is to decalcify your pineal gland daily.  

Fluoride in our water systems seems to be the major factor in calcifying the pineal gland along with pharmaceutical drugs, anti-depressants, soft drinks, processed foods and refined sugar.  It’s no wonder we see so many people walking around in a fog like no ones home.

I received my “Pineal Gland” tuning fork yesterday and have done two sessions so far.  What I’ve noticed so far is clearer thinking and it seems I’m hearing better.  This will be a truly interesting journey into the unseen world of energy using the hertz frequency of the pineal gland tuning fork and a closer connection to the divine for discernment in every day decisions. 

I’ll keep you posted as I journey down this rabbit hole of energy and cleansing of my pineal gland.  I’m also using my weighted OM tuner frequency of 136 Hz and my 526 Hz tuner which is the “Love” frequency to seal the energy into my body.


Valerie Jolie

PS~I added the following for additional information, (Jeff)