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By Tamara:

Personal friends of mine. Suzanne is a Distributor.
Their story, I just posted on Vitality Living [Facebook Page].

26 peer-reviewed studies back the science behind this product

Thank you Suzanne and Paul for sharing your story of hope.

I’m so excited and it’s finally time for me to share…Paul and I have been taking gene activators and we feel it’s making a difference in our lives. They work at the cellular level in our bodies and decrease our oxidative stress, which was called toxic Free Radicals a few years ago. The oxidative stress in our cells is closer to a teenagers level than a 50 year olds.

Paul has joint pain, he was taking Enbrel and a chemotherapy drug, Methotrexate, to keep his pain and swelling away. He tried quitting the Chemo drug almost 2 years ago but had to quickly go back on it after a very painful flare up. Six months after consistently taking Nrf2 Paul again quit his Methotrexate and has been doing great ever since….NO flare ups!!!
Paul and I had a sick free winter even though both girls had Influenza and the boys both had to take antibiotics.

We truly believe in these activators and will continue taking them everyday.