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Towards the end of 2011 I noticed a lump while shaving. The lump did not hurt to the touch. I knew this sudden discovery was not a boil or cysts. I knew this lump was different. I had recently moved to the Tacoma area and was living in Gig Harbor at the time. A couple of wonderful people allowed me to live on their property in a cabin that is, in my opinion, straight out of Home & Garden magazine. The property was fantastic!

I had sold our company, was in the middle of a divorce and for the first time in well over eighteen years no kids running about. Our children were grown and branching off into their own lives. It was a time of tremendous transition not to mention an emotional nightmare! (We remarried July 2012)

The VA doctor said, “Let’s schedule several biopsies” The results of having several needles stuck into my throat were revealed four days later, cancer, stage four…huh? My first question was, “What happens after stage four?” Needless to say, I was soon on an operating table. When I awoke from surgery the doctor explained,

“The surgery was actually 8.5 hours Mr. Morton, not the 4.0 hours we thought this should take. Your jugular vein is what the lump was attached to. The lump is actually a lymph node collecting the waste being produced by the cancer. We did not find the source of the cancer.” What we removed from the base of your tongue, the surrounding tissue, your tonsils, all of the lymp system on this side of your throat is now at the pathologists lab. We are hoping the source of the cancer is found in all of the material removed.”

They did find the cancer source in my tonsils. I was released from five years of cancer montoring in 2017. Today, I am cancer free!

During this ordeal I started learning about plant based nutrition. More recently I began to focus on how the body works and how all plants have oil with in them….Why is that so? The door to nutriceuticals blew open and this blog is born…We simply do not know how to match the technolgy with what is naturally growing out of the dirt. Thank God their are scientists, nutritionists and folks in this world who do……

My blog is an attempt to share with the masses the miracle of our bodies and how this planet has everything already provided for healthy living to take place. Dirt, Water and Air is a starting point for those of us who are completely ignorant (like myself) as to how the entire planet is like a womb providing everything that we need to survive! That’s my theory behind this blog….