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The heart of my website is to rediscover what the Dirt, the Water, and the Air produce on purpose, in order for us to live and to live healthy! Most everything that is done is for function and for purpose when it comes to how we do life. Dirt serves a purpose besides Whirlpool and Maytag! Tea is made from plants and herbs that grow out of dirt. The ability of tea is not happenstance folks

I wish they had made a Star Trek episode of Captain Kirk and crew visiting a planet that was rich in life saving plants and herbs in order to rid humanity of disease. The tricorder that Dr. McCoy used to diagnose just about everything was never explained. The remedy for what ever the tricorder revealed well, that was never explained either(?) Dr. McCoy had a futuristic wand that could cure everything…


What if we had that ability now? I think that rediscovering plants and herbs is opening doors that we did not have the sciences to adequately explore. Synergized compounds of the herbs and plant life already growing on Terra may be our 21st century tricorder.

While you ponder such things with me, might I offer you a bit of tea?