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So I received two payments from Life Vantage last month. The payments now go directly to a Visa debit card. I have several customers using our products. (Always looking for more).

During the virus pandemic Life Vantage announced the company is debt free. The company is pouring money into the associates who are promoting the “Nutrigenomic” Industry and our business model which is growing.

So, I have people who are learning about and using our products. I get paid based on their monthly order. I also get to participate in the benefits going on in their lives using Protandim products. The company is growing and the information is getting out to the folks about the science of NRF1 & NRF2.

It will be one year since I have been using our products come July. I am receiving monthly payment for sharing the information basically on Facebook and social media.

Yup, this is cool…I did not get laid off, lose my job or struggle through sharing this information. I just shared it as an associate, learning as I go and now I get paid.

I have not been sick during the last year of my life. No colds, no flu, zippo, nada, nothing-psoriasis is gone too!

“Heckuva” coincidence huh?

I am looking for 4 more customers and two associates during May, 2020…Who among you is ready to “Bio-Hack”, “Get Paid” and “Help Others”