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My good friend Dana Hicks along with his wife Leah, introduced me to CBD oil just over a year ago. I purchased a series of products to try. I also spent a great deal of time researching the Hemp Plant. I was curious about the history of hemp plant use for feed on most farms throughout the United States of America and why doing so was banned? I read various articles attempting to weave through the biases often associated with Internet resources. I came across a few articles that offered an historical look back at decisions made and why. The following is one such article. Notice how many chemical alternatives are now in play entering our food?

In addition to history, I wanted to know what all the buzz was about concerning medicinal marijuana; how was it useful in helping people? I kept digging while using the oil. I came across the following YOU TUBE presentation offered Dr. Michelle Bean. I researched out who she was after listening to the following Learning about endocannabinoids and the various receptors in our bodies associated with how cannabis works I am not a fan of getting stoned or high from smoking pot. This article is not about recreational use.

I shared with my younger brother a bottle of CBD oil which had a positive effect concerning diabetes and blood pressure. Okay, this was a big deal! I also shared with several friends CBD ointments with similar results. My personal journey learning about plant based oils actually started with essential oils. I had known about essential oils for decades however, only surface knowledge. What I now understand about plant based oils including hemp oil dispelled much of the taboo associated with hemp plants.

Finding out that THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol can be removed from CBD oil further helped me to understand the health benefit in using the products. CBD oils are flooding the market place. I would however caution the buyer, not all CBD oil marketed is CBD oil. Do your due diligence my friends. I have no idea how using the oil has helped me!