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ITIS = Inflammation 👈🏻 🛑 (Thanks Michelle Poe)

plantar fasciITIS
…the list goes on.

The culprit in every single one of these is inflammation. Oxidative stress 💥 is the root cause of inflammation. Reduce oxidative stress 💥 in your body (by up to 40% in 30 days) with this new technology- NRF2 activation. It is clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress which is at the root of over 200 diseases and medical conditions.

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What Exactly Is NRF2?

To start, Nrf2 is short for Nuclear Factor Erythroid 2-Related Factor, but I’m just going to refer to it as Nrf2 from now on.Nrf2 is like the head of our internal defense system; it protects us as we age.Primarily, Nrf2 protects our body from oxidative stress and the damage it causes.

And what is oxidative stress?

Glad you asked.

Oxidative stress refers to when the number of free radicals is disproportionate to the antioxidant defenses.

Now let’s break down that sentence.For those who aren’t aware of free radicals or need a quick recap, a free radical is basically a desperate preteen searching for that perfect someone. Just like some preteens have to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, free radicals are lonely electrons looking for another electron. Electrons (due to their electromagnetic properties) “like” to be in pairs. And when they don’t got one, they search for one. Desperately.

This is where things can take a turn for the worst. You see, these rogue molecules can cause havoc by “stealing” electrons from other molecules. Some free radicals are capable of tearing holes in your DNA or crippling the proteins and lipids that make up your tissues. As a result, these crucial molecules become damaged, weak, dysfunctional, or otherwise incapable of fulfilling their roles. Produced deep within cells as a byproduct of ordinary energy-producing processes, free radicals are thought to be responsible for aging and disease, including even cancer.