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The 528 Mega Hertz frequency is the “Love” frequency of God and is at the center of all creation.  To better understand this divine frequency, listen to this YouTube video by Dr. Leonard Horowitz:

I purchased Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s book 7 years ago and it blew my mind as he introduced me to the Solfeggio frequencies that help the body through divine frequencies created from the beginning of time.  We are bombarded with unhealthy frequencies all day from cell towers, computers, WiFi, cell phones, radios, TV’s, microwave ovens and the like, which is known to damage our DNA cells and cause a whole range of health issues. Special thanks to Dr. Leonard Horowitz for his eye opening speech above. Check out his amazing book:   The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of Love

There are a series of CD’s called “Whole-tones” you can listen to at designed to  help bring your body into balance naturally.  I only listen to music in the Solfeggio frequencies as you may have experienced when in my home.  Everyone comments on how healing my environment is and it’s due to the Solfeggio frequencies I play throughout the day to bring balance and harmony to my home.

Let go of old patterns that no longer serve you in finding your “Divine Health” and wellbeing!

Valerie Jolie