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A very dear friend of mine is using Fenbendazole for the treatment of a cancerous tumor in the brain. Another friend of ours is fighting breast cancer. Her husband sent to me information concerning Fenbendazole.

Of course, I naturally went page hopping on the internet to find out more about this drug. “Fenbendazole is a veterinary drug used to treat intestinal parasites, like pinworms.” A dewormer medication for dogs is showing promising results reducing cancerous tumors…Okay, intrigued? Here is information that I found.

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With the Covid-19 horror happening around the globe and the ongoing search to find a drug to combat this virus, Dirt-Water-and-Air believes the earth produces what we need to be healed. I believe in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. For the record, I tend to look at everything when it comes to health but lean more towards natural remedies as opposed to managed care. The reality and historical record confirms that most medicines come from plants….

If a dog dewormer helps my friends, OUTSTANDING! For those of you who have not heard of Fenbendazole…now ya know!