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Amanda Bucklaschuk share the progress on her journey with MS, visit to the doctor, September 2019

Amanda is one reason why I promote, sell, and encourage folks to spend six months to a year using NRF1 and NRF2 or PROTANDIM Products.

I try to discourage folks from spending 5 minutes reading the negative information on a Google search. Rather, learn the science and read the information supportive of what Amanda (and so many others) is experiencing. Of course I cannot make any medical claims but I can introduce my audience to the testimonies of others like Amanda (Who I do not know)

Okay, still GOOGLE unsure? Well ask Dr. Silverman “why don’t cha?”

The world of Nutraceuticals is birthing all over again. Virtually all medicines came from plants….Funny how those same food based plants are now unregulated…go figure?

nu·tra·ceu·ti·cal/ˌn(y)o͞otrəˈso͞odik(ə)l/Learn to pronouncenounplural noun: nutraceuticals~~a food containing health-giving additives and having medicinal benefit.

Have Fun!

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