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A good friend sent to me the following article written in 2013. You might find it interesting? I tend to think these days that everything natural has a function and a purpose. When I learned about worm poop for example being the most natural fertilizer in the world it just made sense that they would exist in the dirt…who knew?

I remember watching a murmuration of birds as I drove down the highway. I pulled over to watch what was to me, extraordinary! It occurred to me as I watched this rather spectacular thing before me, I saw fish in my brain! Fish schooling do the very same thin. They do murmuration in the water while the birds were doing this in the air. Both are moving through an element with a precision that is stunning. I saw probably for the first time in my life two worlds connected offering life! The water exists atop of the dirt and so too does the air. The three exist as one thing supporting life. Everything is connected to fulfill, function and purpose!

Connecting dirt to our gut….Well, my goodness, that made sense too!

Here is the article:

Healthy Soil Microbes, Healthy People

The microbial community in the ground is as important as the one in our guts. (source CLICK HERE)