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I know someone who is battling breast cancer. Actually, she is the wife of one of my best friends, her name is Kim. I met Kim nearly six years ago when my buddy introduced his new girlfriend to me. Well, Kim was more than a girl friend. She is a mother of five daughters, incredibly talented and extremely knowledgeable about natural health and health care. Turns out, Kim is picture perfect when it comes to putting the right things into our bodies. Oh, did I mention, two of her daughters are in diapers?

Unfortunately, this new marriage, wonderful couple and damn near perfect woman is body slammed as I write this fighting breast cancer. A person does all of the right things, out of no where….breast cancer! Well, of course I am going to post her story on my new blog, she is my best friends wife. Naturally, I am going to ask everyone to give money, and offer prayers raised up on her behalf.

Some of you know what it is like to have an ambulance arrive at your door, bundle up a loved one and rush off to the hospital. You know what it is like to have medical bills arrive daily. I am willing to bet, many of you know what it is like to have your life turned upside down over night. I would hope many of you also know what it is like to have people help. I am a person who is very quick to ask folks to help. Kim is currently in the hospital, the ambulance bill is on it’s way 🙁

Breast Cancer Sucks!

Here is the GO FUND ME page. I set up the following with permission about my friend and his family Perhaps you are one of those folks who helps people?

This family could use a lot of folks like you right about now