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Vitamin supplementation functions as a secondary antioxidant. We have always believed that antioxidants serve to limit cell injury from the waste products of cell function. The waste product that all antioxidants target is called free radicals.  Free radicals injure the cell genes, mitochondria (power house of the cell), cell wall and other cellular functions leading to disease.

Secondary antioxidants have a 1:1 effect on free radicals meaning, one direct antioxidant cleans up one free radical. They do this by taking the extra charge from the free radical becoming a free radical themselves.  The vitamin free radical produced then still has the potential to injure the cell.  An example of that is a select updated analysis published recently in JAMA. It found a 17% increased risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer in men who had taken the vitamin E supplement compared to those who had received placebo.

Biohacking with NRF2 activation is an entirely new category to address free radical reduction.   NRF2 activation increases production of our Primary antioxidant proteins like catalase, glutathione, superoxide dismutase.  Increasing antioxidant protein production reduces the oxidative injury to the cell which is called “oxidative stress”.   Oxidative stress is what leads to aging through cellular dysfunction and injury.  Oxidative stress also leads to inflammation in the body in general. We do know chronic inflammation, oxidative stress can lead to disease and cancer.

This product is a patented formulation of 5 herbal components that activates NRF2 in the cell.  This makes the product an, Activator of the production of our primary antioxidants. It is indirect because it changes cell function to handle the free radicals naturally the way the cells were intended to deal with free radicals. This NRF2 activator, has a 1 : 1,000,000 effect on free radicals. That makes this product 1 million times more potent than Secondary or direct antioxidants like vitamins.

Given the above info, comparing antioxidant supplements to NRF2 activation is like comparing apples to oranges. Vitamins don’t increase antioxidant protein production. As such, vitamins don’t reproduce exactly what this NRF2 activator has been shown to do in Peer-reviewed research found on

Hope this is helpful. It works in all mammals. As such, your horses & dogs would be benefited by this too.

Dr. Darin & Tamara Leetun